G17S, c/n B-3, N44G - "Big Red"

"Big Red" is one of 20 Model G17S’s manufactured by Beechcraft. Over twenty modifications were incorporated into the Model D17S, creating arguably the most elegant Staggerwing. Modifications included a new engine installation, with a fully enclosed cowling, and a manually controlled cowl flap, more steeply sloped windshield, and enlarged vertical stabilizer. The price for a new Model G17S was $29,000 in 1946, a time when a new Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza provided comparable performance, at a cost of $8,975. Due to that fact, along with the labor-intensive, costly process required to manufacture the Staggerwing, production ceased in 1946.

Originally delivered in October 1946, as NC80304, with the name "Jackie" painted on the cowling, c/n B-3 was re-registered N44G, and nicknamed "Big Red".

Currently owned by Foundation Chairman John Parish, and piloted by sons and Foundation Trustees, Charles and Robert Parish, this aircraft is probably the most recognized Staggerwing in the world, due to its presence at many events both now and during its past history.

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Additional Information
    Model: G17S
c/n: B-3, mfg. July 20, 1946
Number Built: 20
Gross Weight (lbs): 4,250
Empty Weight (lbs): 3,129
Wingspan (ft): 32"
Length (ft): 26'9"
Engine: P&W R-985/Wasp Jr

Model G17S Specifications
Type Certificate: TC779, Issued Oct 11, 1946
Registration: N44G, ex NC80304
Selling Price: $27,065.00 (in 1946)
Cruise Speed (mph): 201
Landing Speed (mph): 64
Fuel-STD/OPT (gals): 124/170
Range (mi): 1,000
Output (hp): 450